Second Glass Curved 2.5D

for iPhone 6 plus / 6S PLUS, White

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Screen protection in a new dimension. This revolutionary protective glass prevents not only the displays upper surface, it protects also the rounded 2.5D edges of your smartphone

  • Protection of the whole display incl. rounded edges
  • Extremely secure fit of the glass on the display
  • Colored frame gives the smartphone a new style
  • Ultrathin tempered glass (only 0.3 mm thin) with rounded edges, for a pleasant touch & feel sensitivity
  • Extremely hard glass with a surface hardness of 9H (to a Mohs hardness scale of 1 to 10, 10 equals the hardness of a diamond)
  • A fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating and the anti-fingerprint technology repels oil, dust and dirt
  • Easy to clean, quickly to install and removable with no residue
  • Retina compatible, ultra clear and 100% colorfast
  • 3D Touch compatible

New Haptic claims, place high demands on the screen protector. Here, especially the rounded edges 2.5D are a vulnerability. This problem, however, is quickly forgotten with the new 4smarts Second Glass Curved 2.5D. The exactly matched shape of the glass protects your smartphone also at the rounded edges perfectly and absolutely reliable.

The 4smarts Second Glass display protection is barely noticeable and fitting exactly on the smartphone screen, like a protective skin.

With a surface hardness of 9H, it is comparable to sapphire crystal. The 4smarts Second Glass secures the LCD screen from bumps and scratches caused by sharp objects such as knives, keys and tools.

Package contains:
  • 4smarts screen protector made of tempered glass
  • damp alcohol cleaning cloth
  • microfiber cleaning cloth
  • antistatic adhesive film for dust removal

Compatible with Apple iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus

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