Hybrid Flex-Glass Screen Protector

for Apple iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 7 Plus

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Indestructible and absolutely safe: The Hybrid Flex-Glass combines the flexibility of a screen protector film with the resilience and toughness of a tempered glass protector. With this innovative product your smartphone screen is ready to face any threat that may arise in your day-to-day life.


  • Waferthin display protector (only 0.16 mm thick) for maximum user comfort and unrestricted usability
  • Made out of glass coated plastic
  • Extremely resilient (with a surface hardness of 9H it surpasses even various display protectors that are made entirely out of glass)
  • Protects your screen against scratches and shocks
  • Virtually indestructible due to its high flexibility
  • No occurrence of sharp edges no matter how strongly the screen protector is stressed
  • Allows for fast, bubble-free attaching
  • Reusable: High flexibility enables you to remove the screen protector without any complications or cracks
  • No reflection thanks to its high translucence
  • A fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating and the anti-fingerprint technology repels oil, dust, and dirt
  • Easy to clean and removable with no residue
  • Precisely fitting and designed with all necessary cut-outs
  • Firm fit on the screen

Finding the right display protector isn´t easy. Films are flexible and thin, but reach the limit of their resilience rather quickly. Glass screen protectors are slightly thicker and more robust but since they are rather stiff, they are not the optimal solution to protect your own device permanently either.
With the 4smarts Hybrid Flex-Glass you can enjoy the advantages of both display protector variants without having to compromise. The glass fibre reinforced plastic the Hybrid Flex-Glass is made of allows the display protector to be extremely hard, flexible and thin at the same time. 

Package contains:

  • 4smarts Hybrid Flex-Glass display protector
  • damp alcohol cleaning cloth
  • microfiber cleaning cloth
  • antistatic adhesive film for dust removal

Compatible with

iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus
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