Universal Car Holder GRIP, 4Smarts

with Suction Cup grey

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With this car holder your device is fixated in no time. Simply attach the suction cup to the windscreen or the dashboard, stretch the clamp and insert your smartphone. Afterwards, it has a solid hold and can be operated safely. 

  • Powerful suction cup with special rubber easily attaches to almost all surfaces in the car
  • Compact - therefore easy to store if not in use
  • Ball-joint for adjustment of viewing angle and 360 degrees rotation
  • Robust and reliable
  • For smartphones with a screen size of 3.5 up to 6.3 inches or rather a width of 55 up to 85 mm
  • Simple to use

Thanks to its extendible clamp this versatile holder can be used with smartphones of various sizes and provides them with a fixed and secure place in your car. It even works with a protective cover on the phone. The compact design enables you to access all needed handset controls quickly.

Fixate your smartphone in portrait or landscape mode. You can freely rotate the holder´s clamp and adjust it to your personal liking. Therefore, this holder is suited for almost any purpose can, for example, be used as a dash cam.

Package contains: 
  • 4smarts Universal car holder GRIP for mobile phones, GPS devices or alike

Compatible with devices with a width of 55 to 85mm and a maximum depth of 15 mm,

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